oklahoma beer alliance

New Beer Industry Trade Association Announced

OKLAHOMA CITY – A collection of Oklahoma wholesalers today announced the formation of the Oklahoma Beer Alliance, okbeeralliance.com, a new trade association that will represent the unified interests of Oklahoma’s beer industry at the state capital. The Alliance will focus in the near-term on supporting beer law standardization measures in the Oklahoma legislature to bring cold, full-strength beer to Oklahomans. Longer term, the association will be an active leader for promoting responsible and safe alcohol laws for Oklahomans.

“For years, Oklahoma has had beer laws that unfairly restrict Oklahoma businesses and consumer choice. Oklahoma is one of only five states in the nation with these restrictive laws, and we know from our research, consumers want more choices and access to products to enjoy responsibly. The initial purpose of this association is to help guide a clear path to standardization of Oklahoma’s beer laws and bring our laws up to date with the rest of the nation. The Alliance will support all of our members’ interests, not just a few,” said president of the Oklahoma Beer Alliance, Lisette Barnes.

The Oklahoma beer industry employs more than 8,000 people, provides more than $303 million in wages and contributes $160 million in taxes to our state and local governments. The industry generates more than $58 million in state and local excise taxes which benefit Oklahoma’s diverse and growing economy. Members include Anheuser-Busch Sales of Oklahoma, A&B Distributors, Inc. of Muskogee, Belle Point Beverages, Inc., Ed F. Davis, Inc. and Budweiser Distributing Company among others who are expected to join.

“We are dedicated to promoting common sense laws that enable Oklahomans to choose the highest quality products without compromise,” said Lou Moreau, chairman of the Oklahoma Beer Alliance. “I am glad to be part of an organization that is helping our state move in the right direction for Oklahoma-owned businesses and consumers.